Backing up your data should be an easy process--but as most enterprises know... It’s not always simple. That’s because many companies utilize more than one SaaS platform, like Microsoft and Google Workspace. While many third-party vendors backup services for at least one, they don’t always have the capability to support both.

It’s crucial companies protect and backup all their data from all SaaS platforms they’re using. If not, they run the risk of data loss, cyber threats, and lost productivity. Which means, it’s key to finding a third-party vendor that offers you the capability to backup both Microsoft 365 and GoogleWorkspaces.

Read on to learn how Backupify can backup both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces for enterprise, as well as other features that set Backupify from the rest of the field.

Backupify Backs Up Both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces

You may be wondering whether there are any backup platforms that support both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces. While these two platforms offer some backup options, they operate on a shared responsibility model and don’t offer comprehensive coverage. Essentially, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces will protect against things like service interruptions due to hardware or software failure and loss of service due to power outage or natural disasters. Other risks, like accidental deletion, hackers, ransomware, and malicious insiders, are a company’s responsibility to manage.

The good news, though, is that Backupify offers support for both platforms, to keep your information safe and accessible against these risks.

As mentioned above, most platforms don’t offer backup support for both platforms. Many vendors only offer support for Microsoft 365 at the enterprise level, yet many businesses use both tools. Without a backup platform that can support both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces, protecting your data can be a challenge.

But with Backupify, you can take care of both. Read on to learn how to backup using Backupify.

Backing up Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces With Backupify

The process for backing up Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces with Backupify is exactly the same. Check out the process guides for each here:

Keeping our process simple and consistent not only gives your organization the ease of use and the ability to backup their data from both platforms to one, but also helps save IT teams valuable time with straightforward processes.

Backupify caters to both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces by offering:

  • Three times a day automated backup and capture point-in-time snapshots of each users’ Microsoft Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Calendar and Contacts. Equally so, Google Workspaces backup covers Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Google Drive and Team Drives.
  • Detection of new users and automatic archiving of old users/employees and lifecycle user management.
  • Intelligent retry logic, which allows Backupify to quickly maneuver Microsoft API throttling and Google to protect TBs data quickly.
  • Cloud-managed UI, which doesn’t require you to have on-site infrastructure and admins can access data anytime, anywhere.
  • Recovery and fast and granular restoration of data.
  • Unlimited storage options, no matter how many users you have in the long run.
  • Robust search parameters across all users to pinpoint any data or files you need.
  • Data encryption both in rest and in transit.
  • Compliance capabilities, like GDPR and HIPAA.
  • A quick set-up process, which you can learn about here.

Making The Case For Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

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Backupify is More Than Backup

Backupify isn’t just backup--it’s data security and management at it’s best. In addition to backup capabilities, Backupify’s platform offers reporting features and allows you to manage your data whenever you need to. Backupify also provides unique tools, like PST export 2.0 and seat management 2.0, that elevate your data management and security.

Apart from Backupify’s versatile platform, companies can rest assured their data is backed up and secured on our private cloud and extensive security regulations. Most importantly, Backupify is set up with our customers in mind--we’ve designed our platform to be easy to use, implement, and maintain.

Interested in trying Backupify for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces? Try a free demo today.