SaaS Data Under Siege: Ransomware's Rising Threat

Ransomware attacks have increased 51% year over year. With the increase of new tactics cybercriminals are using it’s more crucial than ever before that you are prepared to combat these types of attacks to keep your business protected.

Watch our team of experts, Kelly Kroening, Product Marketing Manager; Adam Marget, Product Marketing Manager and Tom Keough, Sr. Solution Engineer as they discuss the current ransomware environment and gain expert insights to help your business protect its most precious asset—its data. After watching this webinar you’ll understand:

  • New insights into the latest trends, tactics, and targets in the ransomware ecosystem. Learn how threats are evolving and where IT teams are investing their time and attention to reinforce security in 2024.
  • Understanding the NIST Framework and why a reliable backup and recovery strategy should be the backbone of your holistic cyber security plans.
  • Knowledge of how to recover your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace data swiftly and efficiently in the event of a ransomware attack, or any data loss scenario.

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