Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 Data Retention

Data retention is a requirement for many companies but as more businesses use SaaS applications, data retention becomes more complicated. SaaS applications may have varying retention policies and in some cases, no data retention options are available. Backupify gives you control of your data retention for G Suite and Office 365 while reducing retention costs.

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Data Retention For G Suite

Google Vault lets you retain, archive, search, and export your organization’s Email and Chat messages for purposes related to ediscovery and compliance. However, Google Vault only covers Mail and Drive – missing critical data from both Contacts and Calendar.

Vault is not a solution for backup. Here’s why: Vault doesn’t create a secondary copy of your data independent of Google—so you have a single point of failure. In addition, because Google Vault is designed for archiving rather than restoring data, when restoring everything must be rebuilt manually—dramatically increasing restore time and effort. That’s why it’s so important to pair a backup solution like Backupify with Google Vault.

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Data Retention For Office 365

Microsoft has a number of recovery options for O365 data. However, if a user accidentally deletes a file – one of the most common causes of data loss – it is often challenging to recover lost items from O365. If an end user or administrator deletes an email, OneDrive file or SharePoint site and it becomes unrecoverable, you would need to contact support and wait for a solution — with no guaranteed timeline for resolution. If your data retention period has expired, your data could be gone for good.

The recommended approach is to have a solution that allows for individual item, file and container-level backup and restores. This gives both end users and administrators the ability to work without worrying that their critical business data could disappear at any time without a chance of recovery.


Fairport Schools Meets Compliance Needs with G Suite With Backupify

Hesitant about fully embracing G Suite within the administration given their requirements for data retention, Fairport Central School District turned to Backupify to meet their archiving and compliance needs.

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Avoid Data Loss Due To Account Deletion Or User Inactivity In G Suite

One of the most compelling reasons to use Backupify is to cut down your licensing costs. Backupify allows you to archive emails and documents from users who are no longer active in your G Suite service. Google Vault does not offer this capability. Instead, Google recommends that you “suspend” the user. This allows you to access their documents, calendar events, and emails, while blocking their access to your organization’s Google services. However, you still have to pay licensing fees on suspended accounts.

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EU Data Retention & Compliance Best Practices

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect in 2018, bringing in a new set of data retention policies. Failure to comply could come with high penalties, so it’s important for any company operating in Europe not to overlook these critical regulations and have the right tools to manage their SaaS data.