Secure Sharepoint Backup and Protection

Sharepoint is a collaboration and document management platform widely used by companies to edit, share, store and collaborate on critical documents across their Office 365 environment. Up to 80% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint, with over 125 million annual licenses. Beyond critical documents Sharepoint also includes intranet sites and site templates, which could mean significant setbacks for a company in the case of data loss or a Ransomware attack. That’s why Backupify ensures your Sharepoint data is protected and accessible.

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Why Secure Backup for SharePoint?

Microsoft has a number of recovery options for O365 data. However, if a user deletes a site or file – one of the most common causes of data loss – it is often the challenging to recover from with O365. If an administrator or end user in your organization simply deletes files and you cannot restore them, you would need to contact support and wait for a solution with no timeline guaranteed. If it is the data retention period has expired, your data could be gone for good.

The recommended approach is to have a solution that allows for individual item, file and container level backup and restores. This allows both end users and administrators the ability to work without worrying that their critical business data could disappear at any time without a chance of recovery.

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Backupify’s Sharepoint Backup

By using Backupify to backup your SharePoint data, you are protecting your business as well as decreasing the time to business function in the case of downtime. With Backupify, you can backup your Sharepoint Site Document Libraries, Sharepoint Site Templates, and Sharepoint Site Assets. Backupify automatically backs up record-level incremental changes three times a day—protecting your data and helping you meet legal and compliance regulations. An admin can also force a Sharepoint backup at anytime, enabling a company to take charge of their data security in a way Microsoft does not allow. Find out more

Faster Restore And Recovery

Companies spend countless hours building and populating Sharepoint sites. In the event of data loss or a Ransomware attack, restoration of the data, site structure, and permissions can be a long, impactful, and sometimes manual process. With Backupify, this process is fast, simple, and can be automated to fit your schedule.

Machinima Backs Up Office 365, G Suite with Backupify

Machinima is a California-based digital gaming company with over 150 million users each month. The company’s positive experience with Backupify for G Suite served as a key factor in his decision to keep the solution in place during migration to Office 365.