Ransomware Protection For Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

SaaS applications are not impervious to ransomware attacks. Backupify ensures your G Suite and Office 365 data is protected and accessible.

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Ransomware By The Numbers

Over the past few years, ransomware has emerged as a serious threat to small to medium sized businesses. Datto surveyed 1,100 IT service providers about ransomware and cybersecurity and published the key findings in our State Of The Channel Ransomware Report.

  • 35% of respondents said they have seen ransomware in SaaS apps, including Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite.
  • 97% said ransomware attacks on small businesses are becoming more frequent, a trend that will continue over the next two years.
  • Less than 1 in 4 ransomware incidents were reported to the authorities.
  • 93% reported ransomware infection despite having antivirus software in place.
  • According to IDG, downtime from ransomware costs small businesses around $8,500 an hour.

How Ransomware Spreads To SaaS Apps

Ransomware is often considered to be an on-premises technology threat. However, ransomware can easily spread to G Suite via the Google Drive sync capability or to Office 365 via ActiveSync and OneDrive Sync. So, creating an independent backup of G Suite is essential for Google Drive ransomware protection. Likewise, an independent backup ensures you can recover data following an Office 365 security breach.

Is G Suite Secure From Ransomware?

Many people mistakenly believe that G Suite data is safe from ransomware. However, this is simply untrue. If a Gmail user falls prey to a ransomware phishing email, files on their computer can be locked just as if they were using an on-premise email application. From there, many types of ransomware can spread to additional users, networked storage and servers – even into the cloud. It’s critical to practice G Suite account security best practices to protect your G Suite Domain.

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Ransomware and Office 365

Like G Suite, Microsoft Office 365 applications are susceptible to ransomware attacks. In fact, most strains of ransomware target Microsoft productivity apps such as Word and Excel whether they are on-premises or in OneDrive. Some of the most high-profile ransomware attacks that have occurred recently have been in Office 365 environments. For example, a massive Office 365 Cerber ransomware attack recently impacted millions of users, according to reports. Microsoft confirms that backup is essential to protect against ransomware.

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Alice Training Protects Communities, Backupify Protects Their Office 365 Data

The Alice Training Institute is a national organization that trains businesses across healthcare, government, and higher education. Learn how the organization uses Backupify to protect critical Office 365 data.

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Machinima Backs Up Office 365, G Suite with Backupify

Machinima is a California-based digital gaming company with over 150 million users each month. The company’s positive experience with Backupify for G Suite served as a key factor in his decision to keep the solution in place during migration to Office 365.

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Backupify For G Suite

Easily restore what you need fast in G Suite for business with Discovery search. Backupify allows users to reduce spending on G Suite licenses while maintaining corporate oversight of G Suite data for discovery or other business needs.

Learn about G Suite backup

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Backupify For Office 365

Restore O365 data with Discovery search across multiple users, point-in-time backups and robust metadata parameters. Backupify delivers discovery search for Office 365 users, saving businesses money and giving them more control over their data.

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