April 12, 2021
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Be Prepared to Backup Microsoft Teams Data

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s communication platform for group collaboration chat. It is an application within the Microsoft 365 cloud suite. Microsoft Teams gives business users the ability to chat, hold video meetings, and store files. As a part of Microsoft 365, it also integrates with applications such as Word, Sharepoint, Excel and others. Businesses must use a data backup solution for Microsoft Teams, since Microsoft only assures availability of its services and not the data that users generate on the platform.

Why do you need to backup data for Microsoft Teams?

Most organizations are unaware that Microsoft Teams and their other Microsoft 365 applications have something very important in common: Their service agreement states that Microsoft is not responsible for backing up your data. As is the case with many other Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors, Microsoft’s services use the “Shared Responsibility model.” This means that although the protection of their applications and infrastructure is Microsoft’s responsibility, it is the users’ responsibility to keep their data safe.

How does Microsoft Teams backup work?

It’s easy to backup Microsoft Teams using Backupify for Office 365 Backup & Recovery. You can keep your company’s Teams data safe in a few simple steps.

  1. Connect with our sales team who will help get Backupify set up for you
  2. Log in to Backupify’s intuitive user interface, then choose “Microsoft Teams” from the drop-down menu that appears
  3. Backupify will automatically discover new Microsoft Teams within your Microsoft 365 applications
  4. Check the “Auto-Add” box—your Microsoft Teams data is now fully protected

Keeping Microsoft Teams data safe is a simple process with Backupify.

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It’s Easy to Backup your Microsoft Teams data with Backupify

The expansion of work from home and hybrid home-and-office arrangements means millions more employees have gone remote. No doubt this has contributed to the increased adoption of Microsoft Teams which saw a significant uptick in Q4 2020 to 115 million users, assisting in efficient collaboration and higher productivity.

Backupify is an independent, third-party backup solution that provides businesses with complete data loss protection. IT managers can achieve enterprise-grade business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) with Backupify’s automatic backup and restore solutions. It’s a trusted tool for Microsoft 365 backup, as well as Teams data including SharePoint Document Libraries, Lists, Site Assets, Site Templates, Pages, calendar events, and Teams Chats.

Backupify for Office 365 backups happen automatically up to 3X daily, freeing you up from creating regular manual backups for Teams. System administrators can be confident that Teams data is fully backed up and can be recovered on demand, without having to be constantly managed.

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Keep Your Business Completely Covered with these Backupify Features:

Effective Monitoring and Management

Experience total administrative control so you can proactively monitor Teams backups. Be confident in backup status and recovery with detailed, actionable reports.

Data Protection and Compliance

With Backupify, you can go above and beyond industry standards for safeguarding valuable Teams data from accidental or malicious deletion. Backupify is SOC 2 Type II audited and supports HIPAA compliance needs, with data encryption at rest and while in transit. Its comprehensive monitoring tools include audit logs, uptime and availability SLAs, and export capabilities.

Backup You Can Trust

Businesses today must be confident in the safety of their Microsoft Teams data. Backupify keeps you covered with a dependable backup and recovery solution that saves time and reduces backup management risk.

Human error is businesses’ leading reason for experiencing data loss. However, accidental or malicious deletion aren’t the only threats. Other reasons for needing Microsoft Teams backup include:

  • Outside hackers
  • Virus, ransomware, or other malware
  • Software corruption
  • Damage to hard disk or storage
  • Natural disaster

BCDR plans are transforming, along with a business world that is transitioning from local to cloud-based applications. IT managers that choose Backupify are ensuring comprehensive data protection and business continuity for Microsoft Teams and their full Microsoft 365 suite.

How does Backupify backup Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft 365 applications like Microsoft Teams contain essential cloud data that require the complete backup and recovery capabilities of Backupify. Admins can protect their businesses against data loss with restoring in just a few clicks for a fast recovery. Benefit from granular restore function to recover lost files and folders directly to a user’s account, or download them directly to your own computer or device. Backupify’s unlimited storage option means your data is always protected as you grow.

Backupify for Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams, includes:

  • Continuous, automated backups. Backups up to 3x daily
  • Fast and easy setup. Get fully protected in five minutes
  • Enterprise-grade BCDR. Completely guard your business against Microsoft Teams data loss, restore in just a few clicks
  • Efficient management. Receive detailed, actionable reports
  • Compliance. Meet and beat industry standards for safeguarding data
  • Cloud-managed UI. No additional on-prem infrastructure needed—check in on backup status no matter where you are, at any time

Backupify keeps Microsoft Teams and your entire Microsoft 365 Suite fully protected.

Request a free Backupify demo.

How to get started with Backupify for Microsoft Teams backup

Adoption of Microsoft Teams is on the rise. Backupify is the answer for complete Teams data protection that’s easy to set up, so you can be ready for total backup and restore at all times.

Get more information about Backupify for Office 365 Backup & Recovery, and see how it keeps your Teams totally protected.

Check out this video on how to backup & restore Microsoft Teams with Backupify.


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