May 19, 2021
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All the Ways Enterprises Can Benefit From Backupify

Having an effective and easy cloud backup system in place can help enterprise business better manage and protect their data. User error continues to be the number one threat for SaaS data, with the risks of data breaches rising as businesses continue to depend on remote work.

With Backupify, enterprises already benefit from a number of features and tools, and as technology is ever-changing, so is Backupify.

Recently, we’ve added a few new features and tools to help our users get even more out of cloud backup and Backupify. Read on to learn about how your businesses can benefit from Backupify this year, including new features and tools.

Backupify is the Number One Implementation Platform Around

Backupify recently ranked number one on G2’s Implementation Index. Implementation scores are calculated by G2’s algorithm that factors in real-user satisfaction ratings for a number of implementation-related review questions.

This ranking indicates Backupify is the best when it comes to:

  • Ease of setup
  • Implementation time
  • User adoption

Backupify continues to evolve and improve its implementation and tools. Read about our two latest Microsoft 365 features below.

New Benefits of Backupify for SaaS and Technology Enterprise

Backupify is constantly elevating its SaaS protection tools, features, and user experience to better serve our customers.

Here are the most recent additions we’ve made available to Backupify users.

1. PST export 2.0

    As one of our most frequently requested features, we’ve created a new PST export for Microsoft Exchange email items. Prior to our export, Microsoft 365 users have had to rely on using a third-party converter to convert local MBOX copies of data. Our 2.0 export no longer requires a third-party converter, making the upload process back to Microsoft 365 much easier–and in the same format. With PST export 2.0, Backupify users will have access and control of Microsoft Exchange Mail backups and save valuable time. 


    2. Seat management 2.0

      With our new seat management system, Backupify users will have an even easier time utilizing and implementing this new interface. Our Microsoft 365 seat management system allows users to better detect and distinguish between active and archived seats. Easily see the current status of each seat by simply clicking “status” to reveal a list of possible actions to change that seat’s status. Additionally, the new “Paused Backup” feature will prevent new backups from happening while a seat is paused–saving you from unnecessary data management. These new tools will enable you to more efficiently manage large clients and provide overall flexibility.

      Don’t Forget About These Backupify Features

      Our new features are great additions to the Backupify suite of tools, but let’s not forget the foundation of our many other features, which help provide you with the best cloud-based SaaS backup and data management.

      1. SharePoint Backup

      Microsoft 356 users need to protect their data and have a backup plan in the event of any data loss. When data is deleted by a user–which is also the most common cause of data loss–it’s incredibly challenging to restore lost data. With Backupify’s SharePoint backup, we ensure that never happens. Users are able to backup SharePoint Site Document Libraries, SharePoint Site Templates, and SharePoint Site Assets. Automatic backups save record-level incremental changes three times a day, ensuring your data stays protected and compliant.

      2. Ransomware protection for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

        Backupify offers robust ransomware protection for Microsoft 354 and Google Workspaces users. Ransomware is not only dangerous, but it’s expensive, too. Downtime can cost enterprise business $700,000 an hour. Backupify ensures your data stays protected, secured, and backed up–and our private cloud adds another layer of security.

        Ransomware is on the rise, but as we mentioned earlier user error is the number 1 threat to data loss. Accidental or malicious deletion is real and causes downtime. Learn more in the infographic below.

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