August 12, 2021
Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

7 Ways Cloud Service Providers Help Reduce Costs in Fitness Clubs

Gyms have been around for centuries, and have evolved significantly since they were first reportedly established in ancient Greece. But, it’s more than the physical space itself that has evolved over the years. In 2021, the industry landscape has vastly changed, too–thanks to technology and a more digitized world than ever. Today, the gym industry is worth more than $96.7 billion across the global market, with over 200,000 gyms worldwide.

With these changes, fitness clubs need to keep up with the growing competition and competitive landscape, which can be a challenge financially.

Luckily, the growth of cloud-based SaaS can help. Cloud-based SaaS and applications can serve as a gateway for clubs to adapt to the changing world–and save money while doing it.

Read on to learn about how cloud service providers can help your gym reduce costs without compromising data security and management.

Cut Costs (and More) With Cloud-Based SaaS

Reducing costs and optimizing your budget with cloud-computing can benefit gyms and fitness clubs–but it can also provide clubs with a number of added benefits as well. Cloud-based platforms give you a digital solution to maximize day-to-day responsibilities of running your gym–and interacting with your members.

Here’s how cloud-based SaaS can save you money when it comes to your budget, and managing your gyms’ data:

  1. Protect against ransomware: Ransomware is a serious threat to club security and member data–and can be costly. Such attacks happen on average every 14 seconds, and in 2021, ransoms average around $200,000. Gym staff may mistakenly click on a phishing email, triggering a ransomware attack. With cloud-based platforms, like Backupify, gyms can ensure their data is backed up in the event of a breach and institute strict security measures.
  2. Data loss: The loss of data can be a huge setback to fitness clubs, both financially and reputationally. In 2021, data loss has become even more expensive–data loss from breaches now cost an average of $4.23 million per incident. For fitness clubs, important data like class schedules, member data, and financial information should be protected–and losing any of these could setback gym reputation. However, having a cloud-based platform to backup your data can prevent lost class schedules, disgruntled members, and save you money.
  3. Save time and money on admin tasks: Cloud-based platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces are easy ways for fitness clubs to cut costs. Automating different processes–like sending out class schedules or automatic emails–allows your staff to spend more time engaging with members and high-priority tasks. Not every club has the capacity or budget to hire a full-blown IT team, so cloud-based platforms like Microsoft 365 can help cut costs and free up your staff.
  4. Increased retention: Fitness clubs can also cut costs by implementing cloud-based apps to improve member retention. Investing in smart equipment, wearables, and even virtual reality can set clubs apart from others and nurture and engage members. Additionally, having smooth, convenient, and cutting-edge equipment and performance tracking apps will improve overall member experience. By retaining your members, and hopefully adding new ones, financial dividends can really pay off for your gym.
  5. Ramp up scalability: Cloud-based apps allow you to do more with less. Even if your gym doesn’t have enough staff to run an IT department or dedicate hours into updating class schedules, cloud apps can help you do that. Automation can make it much easier for gyms to build their brand, data management, and connect with members.
  6. Ease the strain of employee turnover: Backupify allows you to archive emails and documents from users who are no longer active in your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 service. Leveraging Backupify’s software means there is no risk of losing historical company data or backups due to deprovisioned licenses.
  7. In-house hardware: Another great way cloud-based providers cut costs is through being on the cloud itself. This eliminates the need for in-house hardware for servers and computers, which can be costly. Cloud-based platforms are also available to your staff and members 24/7, and aren’t confined to the walls of your gym. Not to mention, gyms and fitness clubs need all the physical space they can get for equipment and fitness classes.

Get Savings and Data Security With Backupify

Running a successful fitness club is about providing top-quality service and experience to your members. In today’s digital age, using cloud-based platforms can help you accomplish that. From smart equipment and wearables to SaaS platforms like Microsoft 356 and Google Workspaces, gyms can elevate their business while also cutting costs.

However, to truly benefit from cloud-based platforms, gyms must have a strong backup and data security system in plan. That’s where Backupify can help you.

Backupify can ensure that all your data remains safe, protected, and backed up on our private cloud. In addition to data backup, Backupify’s platform offers users  data retention and user friendly lifecycle management–which also provide gyms with valuable savings.


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