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October 31, 2013
Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

The 4 Treats of Cloud-to-Cloud Backup You Need To Be Enjoying

Yesterday we brought you some of the most outrageous office tricks to play on your co-workers. While we can all agree that putting a bear in your manager’s cube is a hilarious idea, it probably won’t earn you that promotion that you’ve been after. Since it’s Halloween, let’s balance those tricks out with a look into some of the “treats” your organization will enjoy after backing your data up in the cloud.


Most IT pros who have made the transition to SaaS based software will tell you the major benefit of their migration is a typical decrease in the cost of the software.  Moving to a cloud-to-cloud backup provider is no different. Look into the cost savings of the platform you are considering. The provider should offer a Free Trial, so you can try it out first without committing to the move until you know your organization is 100% behind the move.


We don’t need to tell you that mission critical data needs to be kept safe and sound. When you’re in the consideration phase of moving to SaaS based software, be sure to verify that your data is encrypted when transferred and stored. Similar to on-premise software backup, there should be rigorous best practices for managing your data in place. Your provider should ensure full logs of the data created, in case an audit is ever requested.

Automated Daily Backups

If automated daily backups are not built into your provider’s offering, run for the hills. While this is a basic requirement, it’s required to make sure all of your documents (regardless if they are mission critical or not) are protected daily. Depending on your provider, you may be able to specify a time period during the day when backup occurs. You also need to be able to specify backups at anytime, on your own watch as admin of your account. The best providers will work with you to make sure backups are in place long before you sign a contract.

Centralized Management

As you research the move to a cloud-to-cloud backup solution, remember that the migration should make your life easier not harder once it’s complete. Does your provider offer a single web-based console that you can login to as admin to search, restore files and system backups? Without this access, you’re back to square one with data that is hard to access.

What other “treats” can you think of that make moving to cloud-to-cloud backup so sweet? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Happy Halloween!


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