Halloween is a great chance to have some fun in the office and any tech person knows the fun that comes from watching machines “mysteriously” revolt on their users. We’ve rounded up the best office tricks to play on your users this Halloween – unless bribed appropriately with treats.

Do-It-Yourself Technology

Arrange spare computer and other gadget parts (phones, chargers, etc.) in the layout of a co-workers desk.

Blue Screen of Death

Download a Blue Screen of Death background like this one from CNET and install on your co-workers computer. (You’ll want to be close by to prevent the potential computer violence that may follow!)

You Thought You Knew How to Type

Test your co-workers ability to type by changing their keyboard setting to the DVORAK layout.

Ghost Take-Over

Install a wireless mouse and keyboard onto your neighboring co-workers machine and randomly move the mouse and start typing things while they are trying to use their computer. Spooky!

Literal Space

For the more advanced pranks, running an AutoHotKey script like having the word “space” type every time someone hits the spacebar is a classic.


You can always capture a live bear to leave in your co-workers cubicle.

Just kidding! (no seriously, don’t do this)