Your SaaS Data Protection Strategy Needs Cloud Backup – Here’s Why

For many companies, work-from-home may be here to stay. Cloud applications have become integral tools for collaboration. Cloud data is just as important to protect as on-prem data is. But there seems to be a disconnect in the market when it comes to the need for SaaS data protection.

ESG Data Promotes Need for Cloud Backup

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research shows that 33% of surveyed IT decision-makers report that they don’t think SaaS data needs to be backed up. Recent outages at two major cloud providers tell another story driving home how dangerous it is to rely solely on the cloud service provider to protect mission-critical data.

People make mistakes and accidentally lose files. Cyber threats are rampant and remote workers can be especially vulnerable to cyberattacks. ESG, an IT analyst, research, validation, and strategy firm that provides market intelligence and actionable insight to the global IT community, took a closer look at how companies can do a better job of protecting SaaS applications with a cloud-to-cloud backup solution like Backupify.

Download the ESG showcase: A Better SaaS Protection Strategy for 2021: Protecting Knowledge Workers with Backupify here.