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March 12, 2013
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Customize Your G Suite Backup to Match Your Business Needs

Our customers range from a company making health drinks to a radio station to entire school districts, and just as the business needs of these organizations are different, so are their backup requirements. Backupify allows companies of all sizes and industries to deploy a Google Apps backup solution that meets their unique needs. Here are a few examples of Backupify’s customization:

Pick who to backup on your Google Apps domain:

  • A large university chose to only backup their faculty and administration
  • A large company chose only to backup the knowledge workers in their organization and not the manufacturing and temporary employees
  • Most customers choose to back up all their domains, and all their users, to make sure that everyone is protected and information can be retrieved no matter what occurs

Pick which services you want to backup:

  • A large company was only using Google Apps for Drive; therefore they selected to only backup that service
  • A medium-sized company in a regulated industry using Postini (Vault) for email archiving chose to backup all other services (Drive, Contacts, Calendar and Sites)
  • A K-5 school choose to only backup their student email and chats to help address litigation concerns around cyber-bullying
  • Most customers choose to back up all their services to make sure all data is saved, however the flexibility to turn off services across your domain is a great option for some of our customers

Set your data retention policy:

  • A school district maintains all administrative records for 7-years to comply with regulatory requirements
  • A school backing up all their student email wanted to only retain the information for one year to minimize storage overhead
  • A large company purges their email backups every 3 months

Backupify allows you to tailor your backup to suit your needs. Talk to your sales rep about how Backupify can be customized to match your specific backup and archiving needs.


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