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SaaS Data Under Siege: Ransomware’s Rising Threat

G2, the world’s preeminent business solution review platform, has awarded Backupify two badges in their Spring 2023 report.
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As Phishing Attacks Increase, Companies Need SaaS Backup

In order to defend against phishing attacks, companies need a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that includes having a SaaS backup.
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Ransomware and SaaS Raise the Bar for Disaster Recovery Requirements

Backupify’s upcoming roundtable session with 451 Research will highlight the importance of disaster recovery and SaaS protection.
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Ransomware like DeepBlueMagic puts SaaS data at risk

Critical data is at risk from ransomware like DeepBlueMagic, making SaaS protection increasingly important.
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Recover from a Ransomware Attack in Microsoft 365

Tips on how to recover from a ransomware attack, including how to recover data from native recovery tools and Backupify’s…
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Ransomware Risks in 2021

Backupify’s upcoming webinar highlights the need for SaaS protection in the era of increasing ransomware attacks.
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Fix Microsoft 365 Security Gaps with These Easy Tips

Microsoft 365 is an easy, affordable SaaS platform to use, but it’s essential to protect yourself from these risks and…
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What Students and Teachers Can Do to Help Google Administrators Keep Data Safe

If you’re an IT administrator in the education sector, it’s likely you’ve seen the industry hit particularly hard by ransomware…
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Do Cloud Providers Protect You From Ransomware?

Learn what you can do to protect your data against a ransomware attack, and when native cloud capabilities aren’t enough.
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