Backupify for Google Workspace Product Overview

This video gives IT admins an overview of Backupify for Google Workspace backup and recovery.


Backupify is a third-party backup and recovery solution. It helps enterprise clients restore information that is accidentally or maliciously deleted, or encrypted due to a ransomware attack. Backupify is an added layer of security, used when the native capabilities of Google Workspace aren’t enough.

Here’s an example: A user at your organization clicks on a suspicious link, and experiences a ransomware attack. All the files on that user’s local computer will likely become infected and encrypted. If any infected local files are also synced to a Google Workspace drive, unfortunately both the local and cloud versions of the data will become encrypted.

When this occurs, Google’s native capabilities will allow you to restore information using the file history data. This is not an easy process, however. You’ll have to inspect each infected document and restore the information to a point in time before the attack.

Not only is this process time-consuming, it’s also incomplete.

Restoring data using this process may exclude restoration of specific file types like PDFs and JPEGs. This method may also exclude newly created data.

Using Backupify to Protect Against Ransomware

There’s a better alternative to manually sorting through each document, and trying to understand if each file was restored correctly.

Instead, admins with access to Backupify for Google Workspace can access the user’s account and select the “Snapshot” feature. Snapshot allows you to view a specific point-in-time — before the attack — and quickly recover user data.

Using our Snapshot tool, you can recover individual folders or items. You can also recover an entire snapshot, which includes all of the data created by a specific user.

Backupify for Gmail, Drive, Contacts, and Calendar Data

This comprehensive Google Workspace protection works for Gmail, Google Drive, Contacts, and Google Calendar. Plus, it comes in handy for more than just ransomware attacks.

Backupify also protects enterprise data from accidental data deletion, or if a former employee went on a data-deletion spree prior to being let go.

Gmail and Drive Data Recovery

Specifically, with Backupify you can find and recover data for Gmail and Drive using the following options:

1. Users: Search data by user or email

2. Search: Find specific data, labels, or individual messages to recover

3. Exports: Download recovered data to a local computer if you need a local copy

4. Restores: Restore an entire label or entire mailbox

Backupify allows you to recover data from both “My Drive” and “Shared Drives.” Both options will maintain the folder structure upon recovery.

Calendar and Contact Data Recovery

For Calendar and contact recovery you have the ability to:

  • Restore entire Calendars or an individual Calendar event
  • Restore all contacts or individual contact card

Regardless of what data you’re recovering, Backupify allows you to recover to the original location or user. You can also recover to another place of your choosing.

Additional Backupify Features for Enterprise

In addition to granular recovery, Backupify allows you to set automatic backups for 3x a day. You can use the “Backup Now” tool for on-demand backups.

You can also add as many administrations to your Backupify account as you’d like, for no extra charge.

When you pull reports using Backupify you can see specific system events like restores and backups. Additionally, an audit log shows all actions taken by the account admins.

Finally, Backupify allows you to customize data retention settings and data sharing settings. You’ll stay in compliance while storing and recovering data.

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