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June 04, 2015
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Why Choosing Backupify Was A No-Brainer for blur Group

blur Group is an international e-commerce company providing a better way for businesses to buy and sell services. With approximately 85 employees spread across its UK headquarters and offices in the US and Europe, they use Google Apps to communicate, collaborate, and share information at any time and from anywhere.

blur Group had to look no further than Datto’s Backupify product when deciding how to protect their Google Apps data. The Backupify solution covered all the bases, while delivering the most bang for their backup buck.

According to Teroy Spencer, IT Manager at blur Group, “We chose Backupify for three key reasons: It’s a true data backup, provides the highest level of security, and delivers the most value. These together made the decision to use Backupify easy.”

Backupify also brought simplicity to the IT admins of blur Group who wanted to take control of their data, easily manage users, and save time. Spencer added, “Backupify automates all of my backups, which saves me a significant amount of time. By being able to pull a backup at any time, Backupify makes the user management process easy. When an employee leaves the company, I can create a backup of all their data in minutes and delete their account from Google to save on licensing fees.”

blur Group is also able to utilize Backupify’s advanced capabilities by easily searching and restoring files in the case of user errors, accidental overwrites, or for HR needs. Spencer says, “Often, when employees lose a file, they may not remember what they called it or when exactly it was created. With Backupify, I can use a variety of search parameters to help them find what they’re looking for. Backupify makes it easy for me and my team to protect and restore our Google Apps data. In summary: I highly recommend using Backupify”


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