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March 18, 2013
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Which Will End First, Gmail Storage, or the Human Race? Pt. 2

Back in August, we theorized machine-kind would have ground humanity beneath its cold, unfeeling heel three years before the average Gmail user would run out of space in their mailboxes.

However, lots of you aren’t average Gmail users, and ran out of space long before then. So, we launched FreeSpace to help such above-average users keep their mailboxes slim in advance of the robopocalypse.

Among users of our Gmail Value Calculator who are running out of space or who already did, they have…

  • Been on Gmail since 2007 on average, two years more than the average user.

  • 300 contacts, compared to a median of 133 contacts for the whole population.

  • Almost 5 times as many total messages as the median: over 20,000!

  • Sent 1000 messages, nearly twice what the average user sends.

Does that sound like you? Maybe you should take FreeSpace for a spin—and, when the time comes, defeat SkyNet.

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