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March 19, 2014
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The Universal Language of Backup: Happy World Backup Day! (Translated)

On March 31st, Backupify will be celebrating World Backup Day. What is World Backup Day you ask? It’s a day to recognize and remember the importance of backup. Now that we’re essentially living our lives online from email to pictures to music, it’s a good reminder to be sure that you’re backing up your critical data in both your home and professional life.

Backup technology, like most technologies, is universal and understood around the world. To keep the “world” in “World Backup Day” we created a fun global map with accompanying translations. Now you’ll be able to say ‘Happy World Backup Day’ in 15 languages. Give it a try.

Happy World Backup Day

Remember to celebrate World Backup Day this March 31st! #WorldBackupDay

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