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June 19, 2014
Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Tell Your Backup Fail Story – Win a Chromebook

We’ve all been there. Palms sweating and head pounding as you think over to yourself “Noooooo, it can’t be gone!” That’s right, you accidentally deleted something that was REALLY important. Or maybe it wasn’t even you who caused the damage. Perhaps it was that pesky roommate in college who accidentally deleted your 30 page paper or your mom who was innocently trying to clear out some files on the family computer. The point is, we’ve all unfortunately experienced the moment when we lost something on our computer and for one reason or another the file (or whatever else you needed) wasn’t backed up.

It’s the ultimate backup fail.

Lucky for you, Backupify and Cloud Sherpas have partnered up to help you turn that awful backup fail experience into a chance to win a free Chromebook!

Here’s how the contest works:

Tell us your #backupfail story. We want to hear about it. Did an application override the biggest presentation of the year? Did you accidentally delete that critical Excel doc with year end numbers? Tell us how your ultimate #backupfail story. We know you learned from your mistake (and of course there are technologies out there…ahem…Backupify, for example to help ensure you never have to experience another backup fail). Post  your story on the social platform of your choice with the hashtag #backupfail. 

On June 30th we’ll select a winner for the free Chromebook based on the best story we hear. So come on, share your #backupfail story and WIN.

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