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June 30, 2014
G Suite

Setup Tips for Google Apps Admins by Google Apps Admins (SlideShare Presentation)

Moving to the world of Google Apps can be daunting. Luckily, there are quite a few Google Apps certified admins out there to help. We recently got a few of these Google Apps “wizards” together to create the ultimate resource for those who are new to Google Apps or in the process of migrating over. Below are a few Google Apps setup tips that are ideal for new admins.

Common Google Apps setup tips to consider:

1. Data Migration – Our wizards recommend using the Google GAMME tool and to consider hiring a partner to ensure the process runs smoothly.

According to Fintan Murphy of Damson Cloud “Data migration is one of the single biggest barriers to customers moving to the cloud. My recommendation is to acquire the services of a trusted Google Apps partner to assist in your migration and deployment.”

2. Account Sync – A critical early task is synchronizing your accounts. The most popular way to handle this is with Google Apps Directory Sync (GADS).

“The initial configuration is slightly complicated but once it’s running, it works brilliantly. In a very short period of time, you can replicate your local user accounts and passwords on your Google Apps domain,” said Karl Rivers, Network Manager for Biddenham International School in the UK.

3. Data Security – Remember that even though your data is safely residing in Google Apps, you need to take the right steps to ensure the data is safe and backed up.

Justin Gale, a popular Google Apps admin and IT leader comments: “We use a combination of native reports, applications, APIs and third-party tools to help find and scope security related concerns we may have.”

4. Control Panel – Get to know the control panel. Through the control panel, you can manage all Google Apps services from one central location including email lists and user accounts.

According to Benoit Flama, a Group Google Apps Manager: “Step one is to clearly define who the administrator is in your organization. The control panel is a critical tool and needs to be managed carefully. Establishing a Change Advisory Board to approve any change in the control panel is a good idea. Using APIs to automate all non-value added tasks like user and group lifecycles is also a time saver.”

Need more tips? Of course you do! Check out our recent SlideShare presentation


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