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July 24, 2013
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Powerful Search for Google Drive Documents

Last week, Backupify released a more integrated and granular search for Google Drive documents.

The main goal was to help users find items that matched particular criteria in a much faster way.  We’ve always supported searching for any backed up item, but  really wanted to give users more flexibility when it came to searching for missing documents and folders. We interviewed current customers and prospects and created an elegant solution with both basic and advanced search options.

Here are some highlights of the new search:

  • In a way, the new search is ‘opt-in’ since you can still do a basic keyword search by simply typing into the search field and submitting (or hitting enter). The keyword search will match items based on their title, author, owners, folder names and document type so it’s ideal when a user wants to get to something quickly.
  • To use the advanced search, there is a new dropdown in the search box that, when clicked, will open up the search options. From there you have lots of options to help you drill down on your search. The complete set of search fields include: Keyword, Title or Document ID, Created Date Range, Modified Date Range, Folder Name, Owner, Document Type, Only deleted and Only shared.
  • We added the ability to search by Document ID because if you have the doc URL from a previous share, this now allows you to locate the document.
  • For those interested in specific dates, we allow users to search for items that were either created or modified within a given date range.
  • Another cool feature is the ability to search for only items that were either deleted or have been shared. Often times users may accidentally delete files on their end but then have no idea what it was called. Our new search UI will allow users to log in and say “I don’t know what the document was called, but I know I deleted it” and immediately be presented with a list of matching items. From there they can restore the item right back to their Google Drive account.

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