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September 20, 2017
Office 365

Office 365 Users Experience Major Outage

Recently, Office 365 users experienced a major outage across Europe. According to Microsoft, “connectivity issues” are to blame for the downtime.

The issue originally occurred on September 18, and users reported problems with Outlook, server connection issues, and Exchange.

Much like the recent Google outage, downtime in SaaS apps can cause a major disruption for consumers and businesses, making it impossible to continue daily operations. Again, this is a great reminder that a third-party backup solution is a necessity when it comes to your SaaS data. The cloud is safe, but it’s not infallible, and cloud vendors lack the incentive to point out their vulnerabilities when it comes to backing up data in SaaS apps.

To learn more about data loss in SaaS applications (and how to ensure this doesn’t happen at your business), check out the full Forrester Research Report, “Back Up Your SaaS Data – Because Most SaaS Providers Don’t.

Office 365 users can monitor the status here.

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