One of the constant internal debates we have at Backupify is about how to make restoring data to Google Apps as fast and easy as possible. There are two primary ways to find a deleted item to restore: search, and browse. If you remember the name of the document, but not where it was located, then search is the most useful. If you remember where the document was located, but don’t remember the name, then browsing is the most useful.

The default in Backupify has always been search because our user behavior surveys show that people are more likely to remember some part of the document metadata, such as the name, than they are to remember where it was located. But today we are excited to announce a third way to find deleted data that is even better than searching or browsing - the Deleted Items list.

Two Backupify-ers, Ben Povlich from engineering and Ryan Harnedy from sales, came up with this idea at one of our internal hackathons, and we thought it was such a useful feature that we decided to polish it up and push it to customers as quickly as possible. If you have an Enterprise account and you login to your Backupify account today, you will see deleted items on your Google Drive backups page, and soon it will be rolled out to all accounts, regardless of plan. So, how does it work?

Backupify monitors Google Drive for each domain user that you have set up, and when something is deleted from Gdrive, we add it to the Deleted Items list when we next back you up. When you login, the list you see is the most recently deleted items which, more than likely, contains the item you want to restore. You can restore it from the backup to Google Drive with a simple click right from the Deleted Items list. No more searching, no more browsing, we serve the deleted item straight to you with no fuss.

What is so interesting about this feature is that it provides a new, innovative way to find the data you are most likely to restore, without relying on searching or browsing. It saves you time; which is the one thing we all need more of.

We are adding new functionality to Backupify all the time, and this feature is a great example of how we are always thinking about how to make your life even easier. So login and try it out. Let us know what you think via email or in the comments section.

And if you came to this post via a search for restoring data back to Google Drive, you should know that 32% of all companies on SaaS have lost data in a SaaS application. Don’t be one of them. Backup your Google Drive today with Backupify.