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January 10, 2014
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Introducing the Backupify Google Apps API

At Backupify, we are continually looking for ways to give customers greater access to and control over their backups. As a result, we’re excited to launch the Backupify Google Apps API which gives customers a programmatic way to interact with Backupify. The first piece of this API includes the ability to manage users.

Through a series of discussions with our enterprise customers, we learned that they wanted more control over managing users within Backupify. Within Backupify, there are a number of ways our customers can add and remove users they want to perform backups for, whether it’s by uploading a CSV file, by selecting specific organizational units, or manually. With the Backupify Google Apps API, our Enterprise and Enterprise+ customers now have an additional way to provision users in Backupify.

The Backupify Google Apps API gives customers access to a set of tools that allow them to integrate their own user management system with Backupify. For large enterprises, adding new and removing former employees to the variety of systems they manage can be a cumbersome task. The Backupify Google Apps API makes this process easier by giving customers the ability to connect Backupify to their existing workflows. With this, customers can use a centralized system to manage users in Backupify and other SaaS apps.

In the future, we’ll be expanding the API to include account management controls and data access capabilities. If you have any questions on getting started, please let us know.


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