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March 17, 2016
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Introducing Office 365 OneDrive Backup

For businesses leveraging Office 365 for work, protecting, finding, restoring and managing the data within the popular cloud-based application has never been easier (or more affordable). With the newly launched Backupify OneDrive backup, you can keep even more of your Office 365 data secure. Here’s a sneak peak into the new offering.

Businesses love Backupify for Office 365 because it delivers simple, automated and secure backups of the cloud data. This provides assurance that, should any data loss or corruption from accidental user error or malicious employee actions occur, a company will be able to easily restore said data back into the environment in a flash. But that’s not the only benefit of the product. The solution helps businesses meet legal and compliance needs. IT also is used to manage the employee lifecycle.  Backupify for O365 backs up calendar, mail, and now OneDrive, the popular file sync and share (FSS) application used by companies to share and collaborate on critical documents across all platforms.. Incremental backups one of the most popular features, allow businesses to back up record-level incremental changes on a daily basis. An admin can also force a backup at anytime, enabling a company to take charge of the data security in a way Microsoft simply doesn’t allow.

Why You Need to Back up Your SaaS Data

These days, with more and more businesses leveraging the cloud for important, everyday processes, SaaS-based data is more critical than ever. Especially with the rampancy of threats such as user error, security breaches, migration errors, rogue employees and service error. The odds of a company permanently losing Office 365 data because of Microsoft mistakes are incredibly low, but the odds of losing that data through end user or administrator error are not uncommon. For more tips on protecting this data, download our eBook: Defending Your Office 365 Data: 5 Threats That Microsoft Can’t Defend Against, But You Can. Want to see Backupify for Office 365 in action? Schedule a free demo or try Backupify for free today!

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