February 27, 2024
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FLEXspend for Backupify: Future-Proof Your Backup Investment

The accelerating pace of technological advancements has led to a seismic shift in the way businesses operate and protect their data. In 2023, a staggering 94% of companies leveraged cloud services. While cloud adoption has become a strategic necessity, remote and hybrid work have become the norm. With these changes, an organization’s data is now scattered across multiple locations — on-premises, in the cloud, within SaaS applications and endpoints — making data protection extremely challenging and a costly affair.

The secret to thriving in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape is embracing change quickly and efficiently. Adaptability is key; however, any change to your organization’s IT infrastructure is never a small undertaking, especially when it involves highly sensitive business information and huge IT investments.

So, how do businesses like yours ensure their IT investments don’t go to waste while adapting to organizational needs?

Introducing FLEXspend for Backupify

FLEXspend for Backupify is a revolutionary program that allows you to flexibly reassign the investment from your existing Backupify solution to a different Backupify or Unitrends solution that fits your organization’s needs. Backupify is the only cloud-to-cloud backup vendor that provides this unique service, empowering you to move your backup spend to where your data needs it the most.

FLEXspend for Backupify offers multiple benefits, including:

Future-proofing your business continuity

FLEXspend for Backupify allows you to easily switch from one Backupify solution to a different Backupify or Unitrends solution as your IT needs change. For example, if your organization uses Google Workspace, and leadership chooses to switch to Microsoft 365, you can effortlessly exchange Backupify Backup Google licenses for Microsoft licenses with FLEXspend for Backupify.

You can replace one solution with another even during a committed service contract without worrying about sunk costs.

Protecting your data regardless of where it resides

With FLEXspend for Backupify, you can easily swap solutions as your data needs evolve. This flexibility allows you to safeguard your data and workloads wherever they reside, with the most comprehensive backup portfolio available. Our program shields your business against data loss and prolonged downtime, regardless of the data’s location, without hurting your IT budget.

Providing greater flexibility

FLEXspend for Backupify safeguards your IT investment while enabling you to effortlessly adapt to constantly changing business requirements. The revolutionary program offers more flexibility for planning and predicting budgets for data backup and protection without being restricted to a specific technology or platform.

Future-proof your backup investment with FLEXspend for Backupify

Businesses are embracing the cloud to enhance agility, collaboration and efficiency. However, the journey is not without its challenges, particularly in the realm of data protection. Navigating this complex landscape requires a strategic approach that allows you to adapt to changes promptly and cost-effectively.

FLEXspend for Backupify gives you the flexibility and agility to protect your backup investment while adjusting to the requirements of your organization.

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