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June 10, 2014
G Suite

Improve Productivity with These Killer Gmail Hacks

Use Gmail? Whether it’s for personal use, business, or both, you most likely have a Gmail account. After all, Google’s Gmail is one of the most used email services in the world. While noted for it’s simplistic design, there are actually tons of very cool bells and whistles that Gmail users can easily integrate to improve overall productivity. In Backupify’s latest eBook “10 Killer Hacks for Gmail” we outline some of the best features to improve your Gmail experience and perhaps more importantly, your productivity.

Below are a few examples of Gmail hacks that you can start using today (for more tips be sure to grab the complimentary eBook)

Miss Outlook? Get Desktop Gmail Notifications

If you’ve ever made the transformation from Outlook to Gmail, one of the biggest things to get over is the lack of that little email notification floating it’s way up. All of a sudden, you aren’t distracted by the notifications. For some however, it’s a change they can’t get over – and don’t have to. You can easily get Gmail notifications set up in your inbox.

Open Gmail and click on the gear in the top right. Scroll down to Desktop Notifications (in the “General” tab) and choose one of the options:

– New mail notification on

– Important mail notifications on (you’ll be notified about every incoming message marked as important)

– Mail Notifications off

Click ‘save changes’. Also, you’ll need to be signed into Gmail and have Gmail open in your browser in order to see desktop notifications.

Sifting Through the Clutter (for the Most Important Emails)

There are lots of methods for sorting through your vast inbox – filters, category tabs, importance markers – but the most efficient might be the personal level indicator. One chevron means the email message was addressed to several people, including you while two chevrons means the email was addressed to you and you alone. There’s no easier way to skip past mass emails and just find the email meant for your eyes. For more details, check out the details:

Eek! Made a Mistake? Undo that Gmail Send

An unfortunate side effect of the typo-prone is the instant desire to get that sent email back! Now you can. Gmail Labs has the Undo Send Function. Undo Send lets you set a brief delay (5, 10, 20, 30 seconds, for example) between when you click Send and when the email is actually sent.

Put Email Sorting on Autopilot with Gmail+ Filter Email Addresses

Did you know you can tag your Gmail address using the plus sign without affecting the delivery of your emails? For example, instead of giving a sales guy your [email protected] address, you could give him a [email protected]. Your mail will still arrive, but you can set up a filter for the +1 tag, which routes it out of your inbox, flags the message or even sends a canned response. Pretty slick, right? Learn more about how to setup Gmail filters.

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