Whether you’re choosing retirement strategies or helping your son select which university to attend, one size does not fit all.  Deciding on a technology solution, like a cloud-to-cloud backup, is just the same - there are many options and it’s critical to find the appropriate match for your company.

So, how do I find the right match?

In considering a Google Apps backup, it’s important to internally clarify the use cases your company expects to use a backup solution for - Is it to protect against user error?  Is it in case your SaaS application goes down?  Do you have legal or compliance requirements?  Is it generally to preserve IT best practices?  All such scenarios and the way you prioritize them should inform your decision and highlight the features in a solution that are most critical to your organization.

To help you build out your own feature list to prioritize, we’ve compiled features we believe are critical in a comprehensive checklist of Evaluation Criteria for Google Apps Backup. So that when you evaluate various Google Apps backup solutions, you can easily compare solutions and determine which one best suits your company’s needs.

We’ve divided the checklist into the following key areas:

  • Backup Coverage
  • Account Access
  • Restoring and Extracting Archives
  • Security
  • Account Administration
  • User Interface
  • Support Resources

When you begin evaluating various solutions, be sure to consider these functions and services. How does this checklist reflect your greatest backup concerns - are there are features you deem important that are not included in it?