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July 28, 2017

Happy SysAdmin Day – Show IT Some Love!

Today marks the 18th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day, or SysAdmin Day for short. I’m sure you’ve all heard about it, but for those of you who haven’t, SysAdmin Day is the holiday for showing the IT professionals in your life some love. After all, what would we do without these technologically-gifted heroes?

Well, for one thing, we’d all have been hacked. Some of us may be seeking therapy for post-Identity Theft depression/paranoia. Think of how slow our computers and internet connections would be! Everyone would go nuts. So, make sure you track down the System Administrator in your life and show your appreciation, whether it be with kind words, a notecard, or the latest season of GOTs Box Set.

Just don’t hug them. Remember, not everyone is as “touchy feely” as you.

…Also, my external monitor is acting up again. HELP!!!!

Happy SysAdmin Day!

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