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January 16, 2014
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Google Drive Update: What’s the New Activity Screen?

Google just announced that they are rolling out a new activity screen feature to Drive in the upcoming week. Dropbox and Box have had similar features in place for a while, so the feature comes as a much needed update for users who create and share their important files through Drive.

The activity screen will allow you to track the following activities:

  • Moving and Removing
  • Renaming
  • Uploading
  • Sharing and unsharing
  • Editing and commenting

In the activity log, you will be able to see who made the change and what files were affected by the change. You can also select specific files that you want to see the activity on or sort by most recent updates. Another added benefit will be the ability to edit the document settings directly from the activity screen.

Google’s tends to roll out new features to general users before rolling out to Google Apps users so it could take a little longer for this new feature to reach Google Apps for Business and Education users, but Google has said it’s on its way.

So far the feedback has been positive with most users looking forward to the new feature which makes sense since Google is working hard to be up to par with Box and Dropbox.

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