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December 08, 2014
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Google Apps Security in Minutes: The Settings You Need to Review Today

If you’re running the Google Apps domain for your company and you value security, there are several settings that should be reviewed every month or so. Don’t worry, reviewing these Google Apps security settings should only take a few minutes.

Below is a handy Google Apps security checklist. For in-depth details on these seven steps, be sure to download the free eBook – Google Apps Security in Minutes to get everything you need to ensure your configuration is a-okay.

Google Apps Security Checklist:

1. Gmail: Forwarding & Delegation

Check two settings in Gmail: forwarding and mail delegation. To access these, select the “sprocket”, then settings in the upper right while in Gmail in Chrome.

2. Check Your Chrome Extensions

Even if you haven’t noticed anything wrong in Chrome, you should periodically review your installed Chrome extensions.

3. Windows Systems

If you use Windows and you encounter any difficulties with Chrome, download and install Google’s Software Removal Tool. Also check that your system updates from Microsoft and anti-virus provider are current too!

4. Marketplace Apps & Add-ons

Make sure that your active add-ons are ones you easily recognize and use.

5. Account Access & Recovery

Review your “Devices and Activity” report ( The report identifies account activity during the past 30 days. Each device you’ve used should be listed, along with the date and time of the account accessed.

6. Secure your Devices

Check each of your devices to make sure they require authentication. Also verify that you can remotely locate, lock or erase each mobile device.

7. Check your network(s)

Review your network settings and often this means a check of your firewall, router and WiFi access points along with any managed switch configurations.

Want the how-to for each of these seven steps? Grab the eBook below and get the details!

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