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September 19, 2018
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G Suite Advanced Security Features: Reset, Recover, and Reach Out

People forget passwords. Add user support contact information to your organization’s Company Profile so people can contact someone when this occurs. Administrators can reset a user’s password. All G Suite Administrators should add both a phone number and recovery email address to their accounts, so as to enable password recovery for Administrator accounts.

Data Recovery

In some cases, deleted G Suite data can be recovered. Deleted Contacts may be restored to their state anytime in the prior 30 days (go to Contacts > More… (above main contact listing) > Restore contacts…).

In some cases, deleted email may be restored by searching the email Trash folder (if found, select the email then choose “Move to Inbox”).

A similar process may work for some deleted Drive documents: search the Trash folder, then select the item and choose “Restore”.

A deleted page on a Google Site may be recovered within 30 days. (Go to the Site > choose “More actions” > Select “Manage Site” > then choose the Deleted items tab > select the page, then choose “Recover”).

Not all deleted items can be recovered. For example, deleted Calendar Events cannot be recovered. Any item “deleted permanently” or “immediately” cannot be recovered.

Third-party solutions, such as Backupify for Google make recovery of deleted Gmail, Calendars, Contacts, Drive documents and folders, and Sites possible.

Learn More About G Suite & Security

Google’s teams continuously monitor and periodically modify G Suiteto improve security. The team announces new features and changes on the Google blog. New features may mean new settings you need to review or change. Follow the blog to stay up-to-date.

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For more information on advanced privacy and security settings for G Suite, Gmail tips, linking and syncing best practices, and mobile device management, check out our new eBook: G Suite: Advanced Security Configuration and Compliance.


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