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July 07, 2014
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Expanding the Google Ecosystem: Backupify Becomes a Google Apps Premier Technology Partner

Backupify has been working with Google and the Google Apps team since 2010. While that may not seem like a lengthy time period, it’s important to remember that Gmail has only been around since 2006 (even though it seems like you’ve had Gmail forever!). Putting that timeframe in perspective, Backupify was truly the first cloud to cloud backup company to partner with the Google team and release a solution that protects the entire Google Apps suite.

More recently we were accepted into the Google Apps Premier Technology Partner Program which recognizes Google partners as having made significant investments when it comes to bringing their integrated solutions to market.

So, why is this program a big deal?

The Google Apps Premier Technology Partner Program is a pretty significant milestone for Google in the ISV community. The program goes beyond the Google Apps Marketplace, where companies simply list their applications, and shows that Google is strategically investing in building a strong partner ecosystem. Google is making the necessary investments to support the partner community which will help Google compete at the enterprise level.

Google can’t do it alone. The company is re-emphasizing its sights set on selling Google Apps to larger enterprises. To increase its success, Google recognizes the need to build upon the company’s reseller program and formalize relationships with complimentary ISVs. Want to compete against Office 365? Building stronger partnerships is critical.

What does this all mean for Backupify and more importantly Backupify customers?

Backupify has always been focused on building the best, market leading cloud to cloud backup solution by having a deep understanding of SaaS applications – specifically how to work with various APIs to protect the data within these SaaS applications. With the new Technology Partner Program, Google has a more formal vehicle to share relevant product information with the Backupify team. We’ll now be first in line to get the technical information we need to continue building the best Google Apps backup solution out there for our customers and future customers. Additionally, Google Apps customers will now have a formal way of knowing which of the thousands of ISVs in the Google Apps Marketplace really stand out as the best possible choice for their organization.

We take our partnerships seriously here at Backupify. We know that the right partners can ensure we deliver the best possible products and experiences. Just as Google can’t do it alone, neither can we.


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