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July 09, 2014

Cloud Security Questionnaire: The Questions You Need to Ask your Next Vendor

Hiring a new cloud vendor isn’t the easiest process. Depending on the project scope or your company’s unique needs, it typically involves an extensive (painful at times) search where you tap your network, research online, speak with consultants and/or read lots of community posts to diligently narrow your vendor field down. You’ve already narrowed your field down? Super! Now it’s time to see if the potential vendor meets your criteria – especially when it comes down to cloud security.

As a security minded professional, you probably have quite a few questions for your potential cloud vendor around data security. How will the vendor protect your company’s data? Has the vendor passed the necessary audits? Where will your data be hosted? Security in the cloud is extremely critical and when it comes down to RFP (request for proposal) time, the security section is typically pretty comprehensive.

Most companies could use some RFP guidance or at least help nailing down some of the key cloud security criteria. We get it! In an effort to help companies reviewing a cloud vendor or two, Backupify compiled 23 cloud security questions that you’ll want to use in your review. The best part? We aren’t merely passing these questions along your way but rather below you’ll find a Cloud Security Questionnaire template. That’s right, an easy to use template that has the 23 cloud security questions built in along with a yes/no check box and even a comments section.

The security of your company’s data in the cloud is vital so make sure you have the right evaluation criteria at the ready. Download our complimentary Cloud Security Questionnaire and you’ll have a quick and easy template by your side. Good luck evaluating!


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