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April 30, 2014
Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Bruce Springsteen, Astronauts, and the History of Data Storage (Infographic)

Last year the cloud was estimated to contain one exabyte of data. That’s right, an exabyte. With this vast amount of data, storage is very critical. Today we live in the world of the cloud but remember when (not so long ago) you were carrying around a floppy disc?

Data storage technology sure has come a long way. At Backupify we recently teamed up with Haddad & Partners and pulled together a timeline of data storage technology through the years and then paired it with some quirky, fun facts. For example, did you know……..

  • The UNIVAC computer (with printer) sold in 1951 for $935,000

  • Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the U.S.A. is  celebrated as the first CD manufactured in the United States for commercial release

  • DVD doesn’t actually stand for anything. The DVD forum never reached a consensus on an official name.

Need more data storage tidbits and trivia? Below is a sample of Backupify’s latest infographic, and you can view the entire interactive page here!

And now you know the evolution of modern day data storage!

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