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May 12, 2014
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Bay Cove Invests in Backup to Protect Valuable Google Apps Data

Bay Cove Human Services, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation that provides services to individuals and their families who face the life-long challenges of developmental disabilities, aging, mental illness and drug and alcohol addiction. Here’s their backup story.

Boston-based Bay Cove leverages Google Apps for Nonprofits, which provides the company’s 160+ locations with free access to the Google Apps Suite, including Google Mail, Google Calendar and Google Drive.

Hilary Croach, CIO at Bay Cove, explains that the cloud-based productivity suite is an ideal solution for Bay Cove due to its expansive collaboration capabilities and flexibility.

“Using Google Apps allows us to provide the highest level of care to clients, set up new locations and individual employees faster, and meet compliance standards set by the government on documenting the work we do.”

Google is responsible for backing up the application infrastructure that data exists on, however the company is not responsible for securing the data itself. This is why Bay Cove invests in Backupify for Google Apps. By electing to use cloud-to-cloud backup, the nonprofit is ensuring a completely independent, safe and accessible source for its valuable business data.

Additionally, Bay Cove enjoys the product’s archive and restore capabilities, which, among other things, allow for the easy transfer of documents between employee accounts so that new staff can “hit the ground running.” Another favorite feature? Bay Cove has used Backupify for e-discovery purposes.

“The ability to archive emails and documents was extremely valuable in a recent legal situation,” Croach described. “We needed access to review a former employee’s email account from a couple years prior. With Backupify, I could easily search through the archived account to find the information we needed. The sophisticated search functionality made that quick and simple.”

Croach insists that, without a cloud-to-cloud backup solution, “that data would have been lost.” We are happy to help! Everyone loves a happy ending after all.

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