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May 23, 2018
Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Backupify 2.0 Delivers the Power of ZFS to SaaS Backup

Datto’s proprietary Inverse Chain Technology is designed to offer the fastest possible restore times while reducing storage capacity needs. Inverse Chain has been in use on Datto devices for years to reliably backup and safeguard data, and now with the release of Backupify for Office 365 and G Suite 2.0, we’ve brought the technology to SaaS backup.

To better understand the benefits of Inverse Chain Technology, let’s first take a look at how traditional incremental backups work. First, a full backup of everything on the protected system is conducted. Subsequent backups only copy the data that has changed since the previous full or incremental backup. When you need to perform a restore, the backup system must “rebuild” a complete backup from the initial full, and a chain of dependant incrementals. Restore times can be slow, especially if you are recovering a large amount of data. And, even worse, if one of the incrementals is corrupted, every restore point taken afterwards is unusable.

Inverse Chain Technology can instantly expand any recovery point into a complete backup image, without the need to store each point as a full image—dramatically reducing storage capacity needs. To accomplish this, Inverse Chain uses the open source ZFS file system copy-on-write (CoW) snapshot capability. Rather than updating unique blocks of data directly, a CoW snapshot creates a copy of the block, writes changes to the copied block, and updates pointers to the new block location. This frees up the original block, so there is no impact on disk space. And because every recovery point can be expanded into a complete image, there are no dependencies along the chain. Every recovery point is completely independent, therefore, backup chain corruption is not an issue.

Finally, ZFS’s end-to-end checksums and data authentication can detect silent data corruption and automatically restore data integrity.

So, what does this mean for your Office 365 or Google data protection? It means faster, more reliable cloud backups and restores, improved data integrity, and faster recovery from ransomware or other malware attacks.

To learn more about Backupify for O365 or G Suite, schedule a demo today.

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