April 08, 2021
Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Backing Up Servers? How About SaaS Applications?

By 2022, 78% of businesses will run almost entirely on SaaS. Let that soak in for a minute. As the march to the cloud accelerates, companies are finding out the hard way that they can’t take security for granted. It’s a common misconception to assume cloud providers have your back. But this isn’t the case. They operate on a shared responsibility model, which means network and data security is on you. Yes, they’ll take care of the infrastructure, but in the case of a malware incident or an employee accidentally deleting key data, they’re “sorry, not sorry.”

Human error is a common cause of data loss

We’re human and we make mistakes. Turns out, that’s quite often the case when it comes to business data. It’s not uncommon for users to accidentally delete data, conversations, and overwrite existing data in commonly used business apps.

The heavy reliance on SaaS requires IT professionals to pay attention, especially when it comes to disaster recovery because downtime is costly. An hour of downtime can cost $8,000 for a small business and as much as $700,000 for a large enterprise. To avoid costly downtime, SaaS applications require backup just like servers.

How to protect against human error in your business

Cloud-to-cloud backup makes data recovery quick and easy. There are solutions like Backupify, which offers automated, continuous backup with flexible restore options for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace that can give you data protection in minutes and protect you from data loss when human error happens.


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