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September 03, 2014
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Auto-Add by OU for Google Apps Gives Admins More Flexibility

Administrative flexibility is something admins could always use more of. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce the recent release of a new feature – Auto-Add by OU (organizational unit). Let’s dig in and learn more about why this feature is so useful.

Backupify has long had the ability to automatically add users to Backupify when they are added in Google Apps, however it was only applicable to the entire domain. While it’s a best practice to back up your entire domain, some customers prefer to only back up a subset of their domain. With Auto-Add by OU, customers who prefer to back up only a portion of their end users can select which OUs will have users automatically added to Backupify and which will not. This will save administrators time while providing added administrative flexibility!

To use this feature, click on the gear icon from your Backupify dashboard, then select Account Settings > Domain Settings. Here you’ll see the list of OUs associated with the domain. Auto-add for any specific OU works the same way as it does across the whole domain – only newly created users in Google Apps will be added. This means that when an existing user is moved to an auto-add OU, this user WILL NOT be added to Backupify.

The list of OUs includes all OUs for the entire domain, including any OUs that are under a subdomain. By using the domain dropdown, you can choose which users will be auto-added. For example, if you have an OU for “Sales” and it has auto-add enabled for but not for, then only users on will be auto-added when they are created in “Sales.”

Stay tuned for more exciting admin innovations!

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