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January 14, 2016
Office 365

8 Epic Hacks for Office 365 (Part 2)

In today’s post, we’ll be covering the last half of the Office 365 hacks. As the ultimate goal of these hacks is to help users increase collaboration and get things done better (and faster), we’ll be diving into some features that various Office 365 applications offer.

Searching for Media in Sway

Sway is one of Microsoft’s presentation applications. This tool allows users to take a more creative approach to their presentation development. A great feature that Sway adds is its integration with Bing, YouTube, PicHit, Flickr, Twitter, and OneDrive search capabilities. When trying to insert media from the web or their own files, users can simply search directly from the Sway dashboard and results from each platform will appear.

Learning with Tell Me

Perhaps one of the most useful features for new Office 365 users, is the Tell Me feature. Tell Me is a search feature in Word Online, Excel Online, and PowerPoint Online. Tell Me alleviates users from searching all over the web for ‘how-tos’ and where to find things in Office 365. The search box is conveniently located in the middle of the Ribbon on all three applications. Unlike other ‘help’ search boxes, Tell Me doesn’t highlight and direct users where to go- it reveals clickable action items directly in the search results.

Take A+ Notes with OneNote

For masters of organization, OneNote is the all-encompassing note taking application that helps users keep their notes detailed, easily retrievable, and orderly. With OneNote, users won’t miss a beat when they’re trying to catch every last detail of a meeting or presentation. While typing away, they can also click Insert → Record Audio and a live recording will begin immediately. The clip will be inserted into the page where they’re typing, so going back to catch what you may miss is effortless.

Getting Things Done with DocuSign

Microsoft’s partnership with DocuSign has made signing off on documents easier than ever. In Outlook, users will see the Docusign option in any email that includes attachments. Users can click the Docusign option and login from Office 365. They can then choose who is signing, and a new window will pop out with the attachment. Saved signatures are simply dragged and dropped on the dotted line.

Hopefully the hacks above can serve easy shortcuts to some of you who are still getting the hang of Office 365.


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