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June 12, 2020

6 Google Apps for Teachers That You’ll Want to Jump On

Over the past decade, the world of education has made drastic shifts — first with the adoption of cloud-based services to manage online coursework. As education moves toward an exclusively digital format, teachers must embrace a multitude of apps to make a productive and well-orchestrated classroom.

To make everyone’s life easier, we’ve compile a list of six of our favorite Google apps, that any educator can take advantage of today:

1. Lucidchart Diagramming for Education

Lucidchart is a diagramming tool that simplifies the drawing of diagrams. The platform makes drawing and sharing flowcharts, venn diagrams, and other visual learning aids easy, and can be integrated into other reports and presentations.

2. Squigl

Bring your whiteboard into the digital world. Squigl is an app that allows educators to create whiteboard videos and lessons in a matter of minutes, without needing a super-tech background. You can also record on top of your whiteboard videos to make your lessons effective, and captivating for the students.

3. Digication e-Portfolio

Digication is an electronic portfolio that allows students to easily share their work with fellow students, teachers, future employers, etc. It allows students to publish their work online whether it be video, audio, images, or other document types, and teachers can easily access the information.

4. Fluency Tutor

Digital education can be a challenge for students who are falling behind. Fluency Tutor is a great tool that teachers can leverage if they notice students are struggling in reading, and need help providing 1:1 assistance. It’s also great for students who are learning English as a second language.

5. Grade Reports

When it comes to grading and creating reports, technology allows educators to simplify the process. Gone are the days of manual reporting. Now, with apps like Grade Reporting, teachers can create awesome, visual reports where you can calculate, analyze, and project individual student and classroom performance.

6. PlagiarismCheck

All educators want to ensure that their student’s work is original. By adding PlagiarismCheck as a Google Doc extension, teachers can easily scan a student’s text for similarities across the Internet, and uncover plagiarism during the grading process.

Despite their amazing capabilities, downloading third-party apps also comes with a risk for EDU. Always read the reviews of an application before downloading it, and check the reliability of the company who has made the app to protect your system from malware.

For an even stronger line of defense, take steps to back up your classroom data, so that if a faulty application is accidentally downloaded, you can rest assured your classroom, student and personal data remains safe.

Learn more about how to defend your cloud from third-party apps. And, discover how Backupify is helping classrooms secure their data.


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