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April 28, 2014

15 Effective Tips for Schools Using Google Apps for Education (SlideShare)

What do Georgetown University, Edmonton Public Schools and American University of Cairo have in common? These schools are all using Google Apps for Education in an effort to bring teachers and students together. Today millions of students and teachers use Google Apps on a daily basis and if Google continues its dominance in the education market, we’ll see more universities and entire school districts going Google.

When schools take on Google Apps there’s a definite learning curve. Many teachers and administrators are new to the technology and are unaware of the many benefits.

We recently took quite a few tips from the latter eBook and below is a handy SlideShare presentation offering advice from several teachers who have a wealth of Google Apps experience. The 4 critical keys to success are:

Pace Yourself – If your school is getting started with Google Apps, you aren’t going to learn all the bells and whistles over night so be patient, it’s going to be a long ride.

Collaborate – Google Apps was designed for collaboration so share documents, folders, presentations and get in the habit early in order to truly take advantage of the best feature of Google Apps.

Get in the App and Get Going – The panel of educators we spoke with for our eBook (and now SlideShare) were adamant about exploring all the various apps – get in the Google Marketplace and see what makes sense for your class/subject.

Experiment and Learn – Yup, learning isn’t just for your students. Play around with Google Apps, push buttons, try new apps….it’s the only way you’ll get better and more knowledgeable.

Want more advice from Google Apps experts? Check out our new SlideShare 15 Effective Tips for Schools Using Google Apps for Education


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