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May 08, 2014
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10 Surprising Stats on SaaS Data Loss

Wait, you can lose data in the cloud? It’s true and here at Backupify we spend quite a bit of time educating the masses on how your company could potentially lose data in SaaS applications.

Earlier this year we hosted a webinar based on the results of a study Protecting Data in the Cloud: The Truth About SaaS Backup. The study revealed some very interesting results based on how IT perceives the safety and security of their data in the cloud.

Below are 10 statistics from the study (which was the result of a survey launched in the Spiceworks community to IT professionals).

54% of IT professionals have implemented some form of SaaS applications

81% of IT pros that use or plan to use SaaS apps categorize the data stored in their SaaS apps as “very to extremely important”

52% of IT pros don’t currently back up their SaaS data (or even plan to)

79% of IT pros believe their SaaS application is being backed up by their solution provider

1 out of 3 companies using SaaS lose data

47% of SaaS data loss occurs from end-user deletion

17% of SaaS data loss occurs when an employee overwrites data

13% of SaaS data loss occurs when a hacker deletes data

47% of IT pros back up SaaS data with a manual export

15% of IT pros back up SaaS data with cloud-to-cloud backup

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