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How to Set up Backupify for Office 365

In a recent video, Joe Ochs, Lead Sales Engineer at Backupify, walks us through setting up a Backupify for Office 365 account.


Google Docs Experiences Significant Outage

Earlier Wednesday evening, Google Drive suffered an outage, with users unable to access their shared files.

Suite Hacks for Office 365: Admin Permissions

In this episode of Suite Hacks for Office 365, we offer some tips on the admin permissions.

How Criminals Can Get Your Office 365 Data

Microsoft works hard to update and secure its full-featured office productivity suite, Office 365. But because it is one of the most widely used office productivity suites in the world, it's a target for hackers and thieves.

Tips for Setting up a G Suite Domain

For G Suite admins, the choices made during the initial process of setting up are important and will impact all sorts of things down the line.


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