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Take Small Steps When Migrating to G Suite for Education

When migrating to G Suite for Education, it's best to start small and expand from there. You need to present the plan to staff, but you don’t want to bury them with detail. Take small steps so the migration is less daunting.


Update Office 365 to Reduce Ransomware Risks

Ransomware defense begins with an up-to-date operating system, an up-to-date browser, and up-to-date patches.

Why Remploy Chose Backupify to Back Up Their Google Drive for Work Data

Remploy is the UK’s leading provider of specialist employment services for disabled and disadvantaged people.

Webinar Recording: The State of Ransomware & Office 365

Ransomware has surfaced in a big way in 2017, and Enterprise IT Managers need sophisticated tools to combat this critical threat.

[VIDEO] Live Office 365 Ransomware Infection & Recovery with Backupify

From NotPetya to WannaCry, ransomware is having a banner year in 2017 Unfortunately, for SaaS apps users, ransomware doesn’t discriminate against the location of data.


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