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Data Breach Stats You Need to Know

Data breaches make headlines on a weekly basis, and unfortunately, it appears no company is totally safe from cybersecurity threats.


Office 365 vs. G Suite: Which is Right for Your Business?

You’re going out of town this weekend and have room for only one extra pair of shoes - do you bring your hiking boots or running shoes? Both are great options, but what is better for you depends on your context and particular needs.

How Does Office 365 Provide Security?

At its core, Office 365 operates some of the most secure data centers in the world, adhering to Microsoft’s internally-developed Security Development Lifecycle.

6 Signs of a Foolproof Cloud Data Backup Strategy

​When astronauts venture outside of their space shuttle, they come prepared with a completely airtight suit, extra supplies, and a very specific strategy for getting back inside their shuttle safely. A single puncture in their suit is a risk of suffocation in the inhospitable vacuum of space.

A G Suite Admin Checklist

G Suite Admins can use this checklist to make sure you’ve managed all the areas you need to for a secure and organized G Suite environment.


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