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Password Security Tips for IT Admins

You’re really bad at picking passwords. Don’t worry, most people are. In fact, hackers can usually guess your password because most people pick common, simple, and insecure passwords.


How IT Teams in Education Are Handling Remote Work

Learn how K-12 school-based IT teams had to react quickly to ensure students and teachers can continue education despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Happy World Backup Day from Backupify!

World Backup Day is a great opportunity to recognize the importance of backing up your critical data.

Remote Shift Causes Surge in Microsoft Teams Usage

This massive increase in remote workers has caused Microsoft Office 365 Teams to gain more than 12 million daily users in a single week, up 37.5 percent.

Tips for Your Company to Securely Work From Home

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, many companies and IT teams are assessing how they can prioritize their employee safety and still maintain regular business operations.

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