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Take Small Steps When Migrating to Suite for Education

When migrating to G Suite for Education, it's best to start small and expand from there. You need to present the plan to staff, but you don’t want to bury them with detail. Take small steps so the migration is less daunting.


Is Microsoft Teams Right for You?

Many SaaS applications allow users to easily collaborate, regardless of location. Office 365 provides various vital tools such as email, document management & storage, and more.

Skype Ransomware Emerges

Cybercriminals are hitting Skype users with fake Adobe Flash advertisements that contain a nasty strain of ransomware.

Making the Case for Cloud-To-Cloud Backup (Part One)

As data has become central to business growth and insights, it’s important to consider how we’re taking care of it.

Structure and Culture in G Suite

There’s no more fundamental question for a leader to answer than “who has permission to (name a task)?”


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