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How to Effectively Migrate to G Suite for Education

When migrating to G Suite for Education, communication is key.


Happy Geek Pride Day from Backupify

Are you a movie buff, always spitting out quotes? Or maybe you know every fact from Star Wars and Star Trek?

Ransomware in Office 365: How to Recover from an Attack

Microsoft Office remains the most widely used work office suite due to its ease-of-use and collaboration. Unfortunately, those efficiency and collaborative capabilities also make ransomware defense more challenging.

How Puppet Protects Itself from Data Loss with Backupify

Puppet​ software helps sysadmins automate the configuration and ongoing management of machines and the software running on them, so they can spend less time fighting fires and more time helping their organizations deploy great software.

The Necessity of a Third-Party Backup Solution for Office 365

With Microsoft focusing on its core service, taking internal backups, and ensuring everything is distributed between multiple data centers...what else needs doing?


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