February 15, 2022
Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

3 Ways Manufacturers can Benefit from Backupify in 2022

The manufacturing industry is poised for growth in 2022. According to a recent report, 86% of manufacturing executives surveyed say they are somewhat or very positive on business, up from 63% in 2020.

However, despite this favorable outlook, 2022 will present continued challenges for manufacturers as well. The report indicates that workforce shortages and supply chain instability are reducing operational efficiency and margins in manufacturing. At the same time, manufacturing operations are facing an unprecedented number of cyber attacks.

This calls for manufacturers to utilize innovative solutions to free up valuable resources, avoid downtime, and enhance cybersecurity. Having a SaaS backup solution like Backupify covers all of the bases by ensuring manufacturers maintain access to valuable data. Let’s take a look at how Backupify is helping to address the major challenges facing manufacturers this year.

Free up resources

Like many other industries, manufacturers are struggling to fill open positions. According to a survey, 38% of manufacturing executives report that attracting new workers is their top priority for the production workforce in 2022, followed by retention at 31%, and reskilling at 13%.

In the midst of the current talent shortage, automation is key to freeing up valuable resources. Failing to automate the data backup and recovery process means staff at manufacturing firms must waste precious time managing the process themselves. When using a SaaS backup like Backupify, manufacturers can automate data management, reduce manual maintenance and reallocate valuable time. Backupify simplifies the data backup and recovery process with three times daily backups you can set and forget.

Avoid downtime

According to one report, 71 percent of Americans were unable to get a product they wanted because of shortages, or experienced significant delays in receiving a product they ordered last year. In the wake of worldwide supply chain shortages, manufacturers are under increased pressure. While downtime is especially detrimental in manufacturing under normal circumstances, in the current climate, it can be even more devastating.

Data loss is a major cause of downtime. When disaster strikes and companies lose access to valuable data, it can grind operations to a halt. While having a SaaS backup won’t prevent downtime, it can minimize the effects it will have on your manufacturing operation. Backupify reduces disruption to operations by ensuring manufacturing firms have continuous access to the data they need with point-in-time recovery options.

Guard against cyber attacks

According to a report, most U.S. manufacturers reported phishing or ransomware security incidents in the past 12 months. As a result, 82% of manufacturing executives surveyed in one study said they expect their organizations will invest more in cybersecurity in 2022. Additionally, nearly one quarter expect to budget at least 10% more than in 2021. The report indicates 85% of manufacturers will invest more in prevention in 2022, while 56% anticipate more for detection, and 29% plan to allocate more for areas of response.

Having a SaaS backup is an essential element of any cybersecurity strategy. In the event of an attack, Backupify helps companies quickly recover from lost data. Our third-party, SaaS protection solution enables companies to easily restore temporarily disabled or permanently lost data with point-in-time backups that let users recover data from a point just before an attack. This ensures a seamless recovery from cyber attacks with minimal downtime.

Want to start benefiting from a valuable SaaS backup solution? Try Backupify today.


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