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December 16, 2014
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TWC Consulting Helps Clients Protect Their Critical Data With Backupify

If you’re a small to medium sized business in the food industry and need help maintaining proper food safety plans and overall food safety compliance, it might be time to turn to TWC Consulting. And in the case of TWC Consulting, if your clients are storing critical data in Google Apps, it might be time to turn to Backupify….which they did.

Here’s the background. TWC Consulting provides small to medium-sized food businesses with product development expertise as well as affordable, cloud-based QA/HACCP solutions.

What does this all mean?

Local, state, and federal regulators require food businesses (restaurants, retailers, processors, distributors) engaging in certain types of operations to have a specific type of food safety plan, called a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) plan. In order to comply, large food businesses rely on quality assurance departments and expensive software solutions; however, small food businesses are often left with no one or nothing to turn to. TWC fills this gap. TWC also leverages Google Apps and Backupify to help small food businesses develop and maintain their food safety plans, allowing them to achieve successful, long-term compliance.

TWC + Backupify

TWC relies on Backupify to prevent data loss within Google Apps. According to Charlie Kalish, Managing Partner at TWC Consulting, “Backupify is an integral part of our solution for small businesses that require a HACCP system. HACCP plan documents often require months of work and thousands of dollars to develop. Our clients can’t afford to lose their data. We recommend to all our clients that they purchase Backupify with Google Apps in order to ensure that their data is protected and the necessary safeguards are in place.”

Kalish adds, “Backupify supports small food businesses who use Google Apps for HACCP development and compliance. I highly recommend using Backupify to protect your cloud data.”


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