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May 02, 2013
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Tour Our New Google Apps Dashboard

Enough teasing, the time has come to unveil our new Google Apps backup dashboard. If you logged into Backupify this week, you’ve probably noticed the new header, or perhaps you read about it in Monday’s blog post. Here are some additional features we’ll be launching in the coming days:

A powerful search on the first screen

We’ve heard in interviews that the most important task for Backupify admins is to find a user’s account and be able to retrieve documents quickly. After you select a user, a preview panel slides down. Without leaving the page, you will see the status of their backups and will be able to search their archives, initiate an immediate backup, or export one or more of their services.

User summary

Below the search is an illustration showing the status of all the users in your domain. We have also introduced the concept of archived users—those who are no longer active in your Google domain. For example, employees who have left, and whose backups you may still want to access. The orange bar will alert you to all the people in your Google domain who are not yet protected by Backupify. Click the “Add Users” button to add them before they do something you can’t undo!

Backupify storage summary

The storage bar shows the total storage used on Backupify for all the users in your domain, across all the services you have enabled. At a quick glance you can see which service uses the most storage on Backupify.

Our user interface is always evolving. Have an idea for a feature that would brighten your day? Contact us or leave your feedback in the comments.


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