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January 27, 2014
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The Truth About SaaS Backup: Join Backupify and Spiceworks for a Webinar Event

Would you be surprised to learn that half of surveyed IT professionals don’t back up critical data within their SaaS applications? Or that close to 80 percent of IT pros think their providers are entirely responsible for backing up all their SaaS data?

In November, Backupify teamed up with Spiceworks and released the results of a study entitled “Protecting Data in the Cloud: The Truth About SaaS Backup” where we uncovered some interesting results related to how IT perceives the safety and security of their data in the cloud. The study was based on a survey conducted by Spiceworks, the leading IT community, and found that while companies are increasingly relying on cloud applications to protect mission critical data, these companies are not taking the proper precautions to ensure there is a secure, second copy of the data.

The good news is that more organizations are considering the value of backing up these cloud applications. A recent blog post from BetterCloud asks the question: Is Google Apps Backup Right for your Organization?

Interested in hearing more from the survey and study? We’re teaming up with Spiceworks again for a must-attend webinar event. Join us on Wednesday, January 29th at 2 pm ET. Daniel Stevenson, Backupify’s Vice President of Business Development will discuss the results of the Spiceworks study and what it means for IT professionals and the future of data backup.

Register for the complimentary webinar here


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