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January 29, 2013
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Set a Custom Gmail Retention Period With Backupify’s New Configurable Data Retention

Today we launched a new feature for our Google Apps Enterprise customers: configurable data retention. Enterprise customers can now set their own Gmail backup retention period for Backupify users on their Google Apps domain.

This customization allows organizations to tailor Backupify to suit their business and legal requirements. Customers choose Backupify because it allows the company to have final control over their Google Apps and Salesforce data. That control now extends to your email retention policy and frees our enterprise customers from Google’s compulsory retention parameters, which permanently deletes emails when the Trash folder is emptied. With configurable data retention, you can control when email data is saved and when it is deleted from your Gmail archive. We have some customers that like to purge all emails from their system after 90-days while others must retain email correspondence for up to seven years for legal compliance, and our solution can serve them both.

Your Gmail retention period is flexible, and can be set to any length desired. Please contact Backupify support if you want to customize your Gmail retention period (Backupify’s default setting is to never purge the data). Not an enterprise customer? Contact Backupify sales to upgrade your account.

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