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October 23, 2014
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Puppet Labs Protects Data and Saves Serious Man Hours With Backupify

Haven’t heard of Puppet Labs? If you’re a system administrator at your company, you might be using them soon. The rapidly growing, Portland, Oregon-based company offers software that helps system admins automate the configuration and ongoing management of machines and the software running on them, so that they can ideally spend less time fighting fires and more time helping their organizations deploy great software.

As a high growth company, Puppet Labs uses cloud applications for its 300+ employees to increase productivity and help the organization easily scale. An example here is the company’s use of both Google Apps and Backupify. This cloud apps combination allows Puppet Labs to easily add new employees as they come aboard, deliver a repeatable experience across the organization, and give employees fast access to data regardless of physical location.

The value of backup

Since Puppet Labs relies heavily on the entire Google Apps suite, protecting that data is of utmost importance. Puppet Labs IT manager, Nick Cunningham explains, “I’ve managed end-user support in one way or another for over 10 years. If there’s one thing you always need, it’s backup. Backing up your data is critical. It only takes learning the lesson the hard way once to realize this.”

Using Backupify, Cunningham appreciates that the company’s data is stored in one, easy location.

According to Cunningham, “With Backupify, I have a single pane of glass for managing all of my backups, and I can immediately see who is getting backed up, how much data is being backed up, and search for backups. I manage a number of different IT systems, and this simplicity is key. I can go to one place to see everything and quickly get the information I need.”

Time is money

Puppet Labs is in the business of helping companies save time given the automated nature of their product. Time is valuable, especially to those in IT. This means it’s critical that the cloud applications Puppet Labs uses such as Google Apps and Backupify help save serious time for the company.

When it comes to offboarding employees, Backupify has been a win for Puppet Labs.

“Offboarding an employee can be a time-consuming task for IT, but Backupify makes it easier,” Cunningham says. “When an employee leaves the company, I can pull a backup of their entire Google Apps account onto a thumb drive in minutes for their manager or our HR team. Without Backupify, the process would include re-activating an account, setting up a new password, and searching through their data; if something had been deleted by the employee, then it would have been gone forever. With Backupify, I don’t need to worry about losing data, and it’s the difference between something taking hours or minutes of my time.”


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