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February 15, 2013
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New Feature: Restoring Google Sites Data with Backupify

While some of you have been passionate Google Sites users for a long time, others are just starting to explore the concept of using Google Sites. Over the last year, we’ve definitely seen a few customers with heavy Google Sites usage for internal wikis and projects. In order to show them some love for Valentine’s day (technically we launched this feature yesterday afternoon) we present restore for Google Sites!

All of our customers, in both Professional and Enterprise plans, can now take advantage of this restore functionality. Simply sign into your Backupify account, navigate to your Google Sites archive and then find a page or attachment you’d like to restore. Click the handy ‘Restore’ button for the item you wish to restore – and voila! Your page or attachment will be returned to the site from whence it came. You can, as always, still choose to download the asset immediately, instead of restoring it, if you wish.

Stay tuned for news about our World Backup Day (3.31.2013) product release.

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